Dealing with anger, affects your physical health and weakens your immunity system. That’s why you shouldn’t be frustrated and you should try finding the best solution for the problem.

First of all you should control your breath. Secondly, you have to relax your muscles. This way you’ll feel more comfortable. Furthermore you should write down the source of your annoyance. This will help you to realize if you’re right. Finally it’s nice to be rational instead of emotional because this way you’ll take the right decision. If you follow these tips you’ll find a way dealing with your rage.


Name: Amanaki Kallia

Class: D’1





Many people can not control their anger. This is worrying because it can cause to you some serious problems in your physical health such as weakening your immunity system and raising blood pressure. There are some tips you can follow to calm your frustration and have an easy life with no rage.


The first you can do is to breath. It helps you getting of your body the anger and to get in the calm air. Secondly relax your muscles. Thirdly write down the source of your annoyance. And finally think rationally instead of emotionally.


Name: Rodousaki Katerina


Class: D’1

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