Social etiquette in Greece

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Greek people are very famous about their history and culture. Apart from that, they are very friendly and kind, so when you’re in Greece make sure to respect social etiquette in the following situations.

 Greece when people greet someone for the first time, they give a handshake and they usually smile to make the other person feel comfortable. If the person who they greet is a friend or a relative, they hug him or they kiss him.
A nice way to start a conversation with a Greek person is to ask about himself, his job, and his family. Avoid asking about age, weight, and politics because it is insulting. When you visit someone in Greece make sure you are on time. Furthermore it’s nice to take a gift for the host like a bottle of wine or a cake. Don’t forget to thank him and say that everything was nice.

 sum up all those things are extremely useful if you want to greet or visit a Greek person.

by Kallia Amanaki



Greek people are famous for their culture, language and for their friendly way to greet someone.

In Greece when somebody wants to visit another person he should call first before he goes visiting one’s house. If you want, you can give him/her a present such as flowers, decorations or sweets.

When you are in a Greek’s house you shouldn’t be so curious. You shouldn’t open the cupboards or the fridge. It isn’t so nice. You should be polite and respect him/her culture. You shouldn’t be impolite, wicked or noisy. You can also be friendly like most people because in Greece you can find many of them.

by Rodousaki Katerina

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